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“Everyone has a story to tell and
every story is worth telling”


Your precious memories crafted into a beautiful book
for your loved ones to treasure

The perfect personalised gift, ideal for special birthdays, anniversaries and retirement.

Your story might be about family, friendships, a special romance, an exciting job or a lifelong passion. Whatever you choose to write about, your book will be a very special gift, something your loved ones will cherish and remember you by. I will guide you through the steps to write your story so please get in touch to chat about your project.

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Hello, and welcome. I’m Katarina Sherbourne, a professional life story writer based in the UK who works with people living all over the world. I pride myself on providing a personal and caring service, where I take care of every aspect of a project from initial planning to final print. If writing doesn’t come naturally, if you haven’t got the time to write, or if your first language isn’t English I can help.

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How to write your memoir or life story

Our lives are full of interesting people, relationships and events, so how do you begin to write about these experiences? Here are some useful life story writing tips that I’d like to share.

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Spotlight on your life Writing a memoir or autobiography doesn't mean having to start at the beginning and remember everything about your life in strict chronological order. Another way is to think of people and things that matter most to you - a close friendship, your faith, favourite music, how you relax, foods you adore, an amazing holiday, a special birthday, what makes you happy - with a chapter of your book on each subject or theme. There are so many ways to get a wonderful life story, and each is as valid as the other.

Amazon books Delighted to have published Jo Harper's first book, Home Comforts, on Amazon. I used Atticus software to bypass the complexities of creating the book using Amazon's KDP platform, which worked very well. The result is a beautiful book of fictional short stories blending 'the humorous, intertwined around ordinary people’s lives, dilemmas and decisions'. I'm looking forward to getting my signed copy.

Family History Event It was fantastic to attend Sussex Family History Group's annual conference at the University of Sussex. We had three fascinating speakers - DNA testing, the history of Sussex, and, my favourite, medieval manuscripts and the history of writing. I enjoyed chatting with delegates who told me stories about war, emigration, poverty, love and survival going back centuries. Preserving unique and personal family stories, that's what my biography writing service is all about.