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“Everyone has a story to tell and
every story is worth telling.”


Your precious memories crafted into a beautiful book
for your loved ones to treasure

Help to write your biography - your own
personal life story

Your story might be about children, friendships, romance, an exciting job or career, or a lifelong passion. Whatever you choose to write about, your book will be a very special gift, something your family and friends will cherish and remember you by. I will guide you through the steps to write your story or edit your story, so please get in touch to start your journey.

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A personal service

Hello, and welcome. I’m Katarina, a professional life story writer based in the south of England. I pride myself on providing a personal and friendly service, and will guide you through your book project in a sensitive and caring way. Read more about my life story writing service and view a sample life story book here.

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How to write your memoir or life story

Our lives are full of interesting people, relationships and events, so how do you begin to write about these experiences? Here are some useful life story writing tips that I’d like to share.

Latest news

There’s a famous saying about never forming your opinion of a book by the jacket adorning it. But most people do in fact judge books by their covers, all the time. I want the covers of my clients' books to do justice to the amazing life story within, and I am delighted to be working with professional graphic designer, Ros Ingram. Ros is an artist/illustrator with a flare for the creative. Her front covers are powerful, evocative, descriptive and more. Take a look at some of them on my FB page

Doing this job, I get to meet so many interesting people. Last week I was approached by a magician who wanted me to detail his life and times as a member of the mysterious Magic Circle. He mentioned that he wants a rabbit to pop out of his book - what a great idea! On the weekend, I was contacted by a nurse who has travelled the world as a midwife, trek leader and miner. Yesterday, I talked to a gentleman who was born and brought up in Iraq; he came to England in the 1960s as a student, loved this country, and never left. Whatever your story - as a mum, dad, policeman, doctor, grandfather, dancer, mud-wrestler - do get in touch and I will turn your unique and personal memories into a beautiful book to pass on to your family and loved ones.