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How it works


Treat yourself to having your life story written by a friendly
professional biographer

No hassle or stress, simply sit back and enjoy the life book experience.

1. You tell me your life story

Through a series of relaxed interviews, you tell me about important people, relationships and events in your life.

family group

2. Your memories become print

I craft your memories into a unique biographical manuscript with favourite photographs and family trees to illustrate your story.

family memories

3. Your life book, your legacy

You receive an elegant book, a precious gift to pass to your children, grandchildren and loved ones.

Reading to grandchild

Using your particular words, expressions and style of speech, I will write your story in your distinctive voice, as if you've written it yourself. There will be plenty of opportunities to check and revise the words as we go through the project.

Rest assured that all the information you share with me is in strict confidence and I will never judge or add my opinions. I will simply listen, ask questions and ensure that you finish up with a flowing narrative that reflects how you wish to remember your life.