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Pricing options

I offer a tailored, highly professional book-writing experience, with me personally taking care of every aspect of your project and keeping you informed of progress at all times. I have various options to suit many budgets…

Snapshot £1,999
A synopsis of your life or one period in detail

  • Up to 6,000 words
  • Up to 10 full-colour photographs
  • 4 hardback printed copies
  • A digital master copy

Novella £3,999
Memorable experiences in your life

  • Up to 15,000 words
  • Up to 20 full-colour photographs
  • 8 hardback printed copies
  • A digital master copy

Novel £5,999
Your life story in depth and detail

  • Up to 28,000 words
  • Up to 40 full-colour photographs
  • 10 hardback printed copies
  • A digital master copy

My fees include all production costs - interviews, writing, editing and a professionally-designed bespoke front cover. If you wish, you can add a family tree, include extra photographs and order more copies.

If you’re after a custom service tailored to your specific request, or if you have a particular budget in mind, please get in touch and we can chat about your requirements.

Alternatively, if you’ve already put pen to paper and written your life story, I can proof it and make it into a book. Please contact me for a quote.

Payments are usually made in instalments as each stage of the project is completed.

Please note that my charges are 15% higher for customers living outside the UK.